Are Unicorns Welcome in Swing Lifestyle

Couples who love swing lifestyle usually want to find another couple to enjoy the double pleasure. They usually attend swing clubs or swinger apps to find partners to make it happen. So, are unicorns welcome in their world? The answer is absolutely yes if you are uncertain about it.

A unicorn usually refers to a single female who would love to join a couple as a third partner in the bedroom to have a three way with couples who are interested in swinging. They are single but they can also fulfill couples’ sexual fantasy because a threesome can be also one of the favorites for swinger couples. Those single women can be straight or bisexual. Her sexual orientation doesn’t matter the whole experience. But usually, a bisexual unicorn will be more open and they will enjoy more of a tinder for threesome. What’s matter about those females is that they need to be single and unattached to any relationships. The reason why they are called unicorns is because they are rare to find and they will disappear quickly after the threesome is over.

On threesome dating apps, there are so many couples looking for single females to be their third partner. They will make it clearly in their profile that what they are looking for in a single lady and usually they will find some quickly. Swing lifestyle means a lot to them and they’d like to try more new activities to spicy up their sex life. So, unicorns are definitely what those couples who love swing lifestyle are looking for.

Then why there is such a doubt about this fact? It seems like single females are rarely seen at a swinger party or convention. Usually, these meetings will invite couples who have experienced swing lifestyle to attend, which is why unicorns seem not welcome in this community. In fact, some couples love to invite a single woman to share their sexual life and have different experience from it. Unicorns don’t need to worry about it since they will get more pleasure when having a threesome with other couples.

But they do need to know that they are not there to just make themselves happy. The three of you should make the effort for each other. However, they also shouldn’t expect anything after having a three way with a couple. They need to disappear quickly and better do not have a threesome with the same couple again. Thus, they can enjoy the most from threesomes and find more couples on a couples dating app to make it happen.