The First Threesome With My Girlfriend and My Sexual Partner

Before I started to date Nancy, she knew that I was not a guy who would be completely loyal to our relationship. She made it clear that she was not a woman who desires for a marriage relationship either. So, we seemed to be very matched with each other.

In order to keep our relationship going on, we decided to share everything with each other. We thought it would be a nice move to make ourselves honest in this relationship. So, she knew that I had several sex partners in the past. However, Nancy didn’t require me not to make contact with them. On the contrary, she showed interests in them and she even asked to meet some of them. I didn’t know why she would do that. But when we were together, we would talk about some things that related to my past sexual partners.

One day, she asked me which one I love the most. And I asked her why she would ask me that question. She said she wanted to share me with her. I was shocked that she would like to do a threesome with me and one of my sexual partners. She told me that she thought having a threesome dating would strengthen our relationship more or less. And we could both be happier during that process. I seemed to know why and I said that I would like to have a try. Then I asked her why she would choose one of my sexual partners. In fact, I wondered whether she could get jealous or not. She said that she thought about trying a tinder for threesomes dating app. But she gave up on those threesome apps because she felt not safe with guys or girls she didn’t know. So, she thought it might be a good choice to have a couple dating with one person that related to our life. Then, she asked me to choose one and planned a dinner with her to get to know her.

I called Betty, one of the sexual partners that I love the most. But I didn’t feel anything about her. All I wanted is having sex with her in the past. After I expressed my intention on the phone, she said yes and she would like to have a try with us. Then, a meeting was made in a restaurant and we all had a very happy conversation. My girlfriend Nancy said that Betty was OK to join us in the bedroom. I was glad that I have made her satisfied at first. Then, we had a threesome the next day at a hotel with Betty. At first, we didn’t know how to make each other involved together. But soon, we got along well with each on the bed. Even though it was a little difficult at first, we all had a very great time.

We all Trust This Outstanding Swinger Dating App

As a young couple who has been married less than a year, both my husband and I are very open about sex all the time. We have made several swinger parties with another couple for some times and each time all of us can get great satisfaction from each other. We think by far the best choice we have made for our swinger lifestyle is adoption of 3rder tinder for threesomes app which is also a wonderful swinger dating app at the same time.

According to our dating trip on 3rder, we believe it is one of the best swinger dating apps on the market even if we don’t use any other out there. It is our first dating app for such a kinky lifestyle while we don’t know if there is some app can perform better than 3rder. It is said that it has gathered thousands of kinky couples coming from all over the world and all of the couples are real people. Whether you have used it or not, it deserves you to have a try at least once.

When you download this app on your phone, you need to register a new account so that you can get permission of entering this great swinger app. You are allowed to look around without paying money and you are promised that your account will be active forever even if you don’t upgrade your membership in the future. If you are glad to spend some money, you can get what you want more efficiently and faster.

To be honest, we don’t think 3rder is as well as we are told because we heard that some people get cheated by other members on other online dating apps. It is a fact that so many scammers want to cheat others on other apps but we find we can hardly meet them on 3rder. We want to know why so that we ask the support team for help. They tell us that they can get the majority of scammers away from their apps attribute to its powerful and effective verification function. With this functional feature, those scammers and fake users won’t get into this app and this is the reason why we cannot meet them frequently.

We would like to recommend this swinger app to other couples if they think having a swinger is the right way to get a new lifestyle. In such a kinky lifestyle, everyone is supposed to get satisfied and it is difficult to keep this relationship goes well for everyone.

On the other hand, 3rder always update itself in order to introduce users more practical dating features, and this is the main reason it is getting more and more popular among swinger couples. As long as you and your half partner are interested in a swinger, I think 3rder will work for you eventually.

The Steps about Having a Successful Threesome

Threesome is the common fantasy among female and male. Singles want to have a threesome with couples or people to experience the exciting sex. Couples want to have threesome with a single to explore the unprecedented experience. How to arrange a successful threesome?

1. Make up your mind and be prepared

Find out if you want a threesome dating. The threesome is something you can doubt. You may want to quit before trying threesomes, especially if you this is your first time and your determination may not be strong enough. Again, you need to ask yourself what you want, what you expect from the threesome, and make sure that everything you are about to do is correct. Are you ready to have a threesome? Do you think threesome is attractive in reality?

2. In-depth communication with your partner

If you are determined to prepare for the threesome. Communication is very important. First to make sure that you and your partner is willing to participate. This should be the thing he/she is willing to do, not to satisfy your desires. Before the three way date, you should make a hypothetical discussion about it. What kind of expectations do you have for this threesome dating, and where are your limits? Everyone should have a security word, and when it is said, the threesomes must stop. You should discuss these issues in detail to avoid any problems in practice.

3. Find your third partner: one or two

This is the hardest step in preparing for the threesome. Most people feel that asking someone if they want a threesome is very embarrassing, so they will be ashamed to do so. There are other ways to do this. You can ask your friends or acquaintances if they have experience in this area. Or is there a friend who is willing to join your threesomes? Search the website of tinder for threesomes online, go to a swinger club.

Of course, no matter which way you choose to try, as a first-time threesome, you will feel a little embarrassed. So anyway, overcome these flaws and try it out. Whether you meet or find your partner, one thing that cannot be ignored is that you need to know each other and it will be helpful in a friendly and relaxed environment. Before you decide to do anything, you can meet up in public and take the time to get to know each other. You can talk about other things, or about threesomes.

4 .Things to be considered before starting an action

When you want to get through this heat dissipation smoothly, I suggest that you should take safety measures. For example, a condom. Because every time you switch between sex, you should change the condom. Finally, the hotel is always a better place. It will give you a sense of security, privacy, and you don’t have to worry about exposing your home. Maybe at the end, you don’t want to see your threesome partner anymore, then you are safe.

Are Unicorns Welcome in Swing Lifestyle

Couples who love swing lifestyle usually want to find another couple to enjoy the double pleasure. They usually attend swing clubs or swinger apps to find partners to make it happen. So, are unicorns welcome in their world? The answer is absolutely yes if you are uncertain about it.

A unicorn usually refers to a single female who would love to join a couple as a third partner in the bedroom to have a three way with couples who are interested in swinging. They are single but they can also fulfill couples’ sexual fantasy because a threesome can be also one of the favorites for swinger couples. Those single women can be straight or bisexual. Her sexual orientation doesn’t matter the whole experience. But usually, a bisexual unicorn will be more open and they will enjoy more of a tinder for threesome. What’s matter about those females is that they need to be single and unattached to any relationships. The reason why they are called unicorns is because they are rare to find and they will disappear quickly after the threesome is over.

On threesome dating apps, there are so many couples looking for single females to be their third partner. They will make it clearly in their profile that what they are looking for in a single lady and usually they will find some quickly. Swing lifestyle means a lot to them and they’d like to try more new activities to spicy up their sex life. So, unicorns are definitely what those couples who love swing lifestyle are looking for.

Then why there is such a doubt about this fact? It seems like single females are rarely seen at a swinger party or convention. Usually, these meetings will invite couples who have experienced swing lifestyle to attend, which is why unicorns seem not welcome in this community. In fact, some couples love to invite a single woman to share their sexual life and have different experience from it. Unicorns don’t need to worry about it since they will get more pleasure when having a threesome with other couples.

But they do need to know that they are not there to just make themselves happy. The three of you should make the effort for each other. However, they also shouldn’t expect anything after having a three way with a couple. They need to disappear quickly and better do not have a threesome with the same couple again. Thus, they can enjoy the most from threesomes and find more couples on a couples dating app to make it happen.

Something You Need to Know About Trans Threesome

1. What is threesome?

In human sexuality, a threesome is sexual activity that involves three people at the same time. Threesome can also refer to a love tringle, a three-way romantic love relationship. Threesome relationship is most commonly applied to a casual sexual activity involving sexual activity among three participants. A threesome may also be found in a long-term domestic relationship such as polyamory. A threesome is a form of group sex but involving only three people, it may occur more frequently in private situations such as spontaneous sexual activity among three friends or arranged in a community has like-minded swingers or planted as a once only experienced and rarely in anonymous settings such as authorities or other parties among swinging couple. One of the two partners is often the driving force and the other is more passive supportive of the addition of additional sex parties. Some couples view he threesome as a way to develop a love triangle. A threesome is a common element of sexual fantasy, it is commonly depicted in pornography, but very rarely in mainstream cinema.

2. What is trans?

According to the American Psychological Association, transgender is an umbrella term for someone whose gender identity and expression doesn’t stereo-typically match their birth sex. Transgender guy is an individual whose transgender could be male to female, which is when they are born with male genitalia but they identify as a female. There is female to male which is someone who is born with male genitalia but identifies as a female. There is gender-queer which is a very broad definition. Some people use that definition to describe being both female and male. Sometimes neither’s and ISIL mixes there’s by gender which is sometimes they feel like one day they’re more masculine, more feminine. There is a gender or gender non-binary which when you don’t identify as either male or female, you are just a person. Every definition is different for everyone. Another important thing in transgender community is pronouns. Use the right pronoun when date and communicate with transgender people.

3. How to have a threesome?

Many couples enter the world of swinging looking for a threesome with a single female when they realize the difficulty in accomplishing that goal. Many time the focus shifts to play with couples, singles females in lifestyle are typically called unicorns, because of their rarity. While it may be difficult to have such a threesome, it is by mo means impossible. Couples have several strategies they can use. It is rare to find a single female at a swingers party, but if you attend enough of them, you will come across them. Some of them are merely curious, others only interested in a girl and girl, and still others interested in the coveted threesome. If your goal is to have a threesome, then we do not recommend you to attend swinger party. For many people who want to have a trans threesome, online dating site can be a good choice. Like Transdr and 3rder, they are only designed for transgender people and threesome.

Why it’s Easy to Arrange Threesomes with the Help of 3rder?

3rder app is an exclusive threesome dating app which has offered the best service to threesome people for more than three years. When people find it is difficult to meet local like-minded people in the real life, they would like to join this tinder for threesomes app because of 3rder’s good reputation among them. Time to time, users get what they want as their feedback and recommendations reveal why it‘s easy to arrange threesomes with the help of 3rder.

3rder, tinder for threesomes, is one of the most widely used apps around the world. It means that 3rder has a large number of users from different countries around the world, and they are almost all real users. Imagine that when new users just start using the app to find partners, they are surprised to find that no matter where they are, they always have ways to find someone with the same hobbies. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that you can’t get the right partner, and what you need to worry about is whether you can use 3rder fully and effectively to help you achieve your goals.

3rder is designed and developed by the most professional development team. Because of this, 3rder has the most compact running framework and a variety of the most simple but practical features. In addition, the 3rder development team continues to develop new features and add new optimizations to 3rder. In the past three years, 3rder was born to be an unknown app but now it has become a remarkable one in threesome dating field. Owe to this great changes, thousands of users choose to trust 3rder, follow 3rder and realize their desires for threesomes in the end.

3rder also has requirements for users’ qualities. For those who use fake information to sign up for an account, the customer service team members will immediately delete their account once they are found. At the same time, 3rder has always been an app aiming to offer a real dating platform to users and it has nothing to do with porn or sex all the time. As long as the customer service team members find a user has posted pornographic images or nude images, they will immediately delete the photos and blacklist them. 3rder believes that only in a clean environment can users find a truly self-contained partner.

When you are in trouble on the way of threesome dating with your partners, you may come to 3rder asking for help, and you will find what a great app 3rder is.

How Men Get Into Swinger Lifestyle And Three Way Relationship

Swinger lifestyle has become a common adoption in the modern society. Change is necessary and one has to accept it sooner or later. In this way society and its paradigms also keep on changing. One has to keep himself dynamic to accept the changes. Changes happen in life, technology, cultures and relationships as well.

Swing lifestyle is one of the realities that has been adopted in modern day relationships. Swinger not necessarily is confined to married couples. The concept has been widened to include all types of couple and even single men and women. Present day three way relationships can also be put into the concept of swinger. This has given liberty to single men and women to have the pleasure they want with swinger couples.

When you as a couple are open to each other’s choices such that you are accommodating each others choices and desire to indulge with different partners, swinger becomes a healthy practice and strengthens your relationship. Another thing to look upon is how swinger proves to be equally pleasing for singles. Getting into swinger relations might be more difficult for a swinger man rather than a woman. This is because women can often be approached but not men. They have to take the first step to ask a girl or a couple out. Here are some of the ways swinger can be made success for single men:

Online dating apps are the quick and easier way

What better and easy way to involve into swinger would be than getting on a dating app, which is tinder for threesomes providing the best and easiest way for single men to sneak themselves into the swinger community. All they need to do is create an impeccable profile on a dating app, explore couples or people involved in swinger lifestyle and match their interests and start communicating. Make sure to use your best profile picture. Do not exaggerate or lie about any details and be confident and open about your likings and dislikings.

Hang out with friends who are into threesome or swing lifestyle

If you have a good social circle then there is less to worry about. Look for your friends and acquaintances who are into swinger lifestyles. With their contacts, you are able to get into threeway relationships.

Go to adult parties that accept single male

Adult parties are the best fun place for all the swinger things going on. Some weekend parties do not allow entries for single males. Well, there are others that do not restrict. You can participate in and pick up someone in there to go further.

Join some existing swinger communities

There are numerous swinger communities that invite single men and women to join and get more aware of this lifestyle. So go for it. Join them and attend parties. Have fun.

Looking for a no strings attached partner

Look for a single woman/partner who is ready to get into no strings attached relationship. When you have a partner who are willing to go out with you without any strings attached, then it will make threesome and swing lifestyle easily.

How to Find Your Third Partners Efficiently

For a couple, one of the most excellent sexual fantasies is to have a third partner in their sexual intercourse. If you plan to look for a third partner to share the bed with your partner or your wife, you need to concentrate on those who are willing to have a threesome dating. And then you need to select the most suitable partner from those candidates.

What type of person is the best candidate? A single woman? A young woman? A married woman? A divorced woman? A mother? Or other people? But in your search for a partner, you may find that it is difficult to choose the right person, the most difficult is where to find the candidates.

You would like to find the fastest way to have a threesome? But remember that haste makes waste. There are a lot of websites and apps that are all dedicated to arranging threesome dating. The most popular of these are apps, called 3rder and 3somer. By signing up for these apps, you can easily find the third partner you want. In addition, by focusing on the following things, you can also increase the success rate of finding partners.

Demographics of the app like tinder for threesomes
The demographic data of these apps can also be applied to these threesome dating apps. You may be from the previous generation, but you do not have to worry about whether these apps are not suitable for the elderly. Through the internal search engine of the app. You can find partners from their age, gender, location, etc. Besides, it can help you match the person you want by your own hobbies, and your requests for partners.

The access charge
There are many free threesome apps that you can find in the app store. As you would expect, you can enjoy limited services. You need to upgrade your membership to access all advanced features. Whether it charges expensive or not, it doesn’t matter. If you insist on the best threesome dating app, you’ll always find what you want, and you may have some unexpected gains.

The communication channel
Communication is the pivotal element to establish a harmonious threesome relationship. Time and distance are often obstacles to meeting new people. This is where dating apps come to play. You will be provided with several ways by the specific threesome dating app you join, which can help you communicate with other members. Most apps have multiple channels to keep in touch with other members. You can use these communication channels to talk to others so that you can better understand each other.

The active membership
When you join a specific threesome dating app, you will find that there are a large number of members. They are all open-minded people who are threesome enthusiasts. You will have a greater opportunity to find a partner who matches you and your partner. Not only that, you can also find many like-minded friends who can share experiences and exchange ideas together.

So, if you are still looking for a third partner, 3rder will be your best alternative, don’t hesitate to join it. You and your partner will be benefited.

5 Ideas That You Can Use And Apply In Threesome Dating

There are some words which not all people are ready to utter openly and threesome dating app is also surely one of those words. But even if you do not know everything about it, there is still a sense of mystery and mischief attached with the concept of sexual experience during the three way dating. It is the best raw form of guilty pleasure that you can have.

You will never truly know how much fun you can have with it until you really try it for yourself. Even if you have next to no experience in such kind of dating, you should still go for it because everyone has to start a fresh at some point for swingers dating app. The great thing about three way dating is that it always gets better with experience. Also you tend to learn more with practice and over time, you never know if you can even become a Pro at it. The only thing necessary that you should be open to idea of such dating. To find a three way partner, you can try some threesome apps such as Feeld, 3rder or 3fun.

Try Different Positions
The best thing about involving 3 people in a threesome dating encounter is that you can get very innovative and have a number of combinations working for you. You can try different positions such as the doggy style with 2 men and one girl in both holes or do it one by one. You can also go the 69 way while one is fucking the girl in one of the hole. It can also have oral sex and it never starts to even get old.

Make Sure That Third Person Is Looking For Same Thing As You
The only thing that you should ensure before getting into the threesome dating game is that you should make sure that the third person is as open to the idea of this adventure as you and your partner. You should also obtain their consent as to what you can do and what you guys cannot do.

Do Not Try To Impress Your Partner
Do not take the act of threesome dating as a method to prove anything to your love partner. You are doing all of it for the pleasure and the fun of it. You should not do anything with the the third person to impress your partner, Such efforts can also backfire. You must take it for the sake of pleasure and enjoyment via threesome dating plans.

Avoid Getting Really Drunk
Having 1 or 2 drinks is no harm if you are wanting to have some fun and going with the flow. But if you are planning to have  a happening threesome dating sexual encounter then you must not be drinking too much as you might fall asleep or fall sick, so this will in turn ruin the whole experience.

Try Having Sex With Your Partner Alone After Threesome
This might sound a little romantic and the reason why it does sound romantic is because it really is a good idea to give your partner the last round of pleasure in the game of sex and threesome dating.

Some Exciting Tips For Great Threesome Outing

Threesome dating can be a little too tricky for many people as some have explored the idea and some find it little too much on the wild side. The idea of joining threesome dating app is to add some spice to the casual relationships and have some fun with your partner. There is nothing to be afraid of as everything happens with consent and the knowledge of your partner. It is also said that having a sexual encounter or a threesome dating is something which is every guy’s fantasy. It can also be said that girls can also be fascinated by this idea.

There can be many hot and pouring thoughts with people who are single or in a relationship to involve a 3rd guy or a girl so that you can have some hot sex. Some people even watch porn and think that it is just going to be the same but the reality is that real encounters are entirely different from how they are depicted in pornography. But if you are a little naughty and willing to experiment in casual sex then you can surely try threesome style dating. Such kind of encounters can involve 2 guys and 1 girl or 2 girls and one guy however the way it works. 3somer and 3fun is your choice if you want to try your first threesome love. Here are some tips for exciting threesome dating and swinger lifestyle that you can try.

Do Not Get Emotionally Involved
The first thing to remember is that the threesome dating is not to be taken very seriously. You need not get emotionally involved as it can lead to complications. All you have to do is have fun with yourself and with others when you have sex try new moves and pleasure each other. There is no commitment to it, al you have to do is enjoy once in for all.

Avoid Bringing In A Good Friend
If you want to keep the threesome dating game fun and exciting but do not want any embarrassment then do not want to have a good friend over. If there is someone you have a good equation with, do not have them ruin your sex live with you and your partner. Bring in someone who is not every close to you, someone from a different location.

Use Protection
This is not something that you do not know. When you are involved in casual sex then you are also at the risk of catching STDs and even some formidable diseases like AIDS during threesome dating. You need to be having condoms in your room to make sure you and your partner is safe.

Make Sure Your Partner Does Not Get Upset
You can follow these simple tips, for example if your partner is out of the room, avoid kissing or having intimacy with the third person as your partner might feel upset and even blame you of cheating. Make sure everything is done with consent in threesome dating.

Explore Penetration With Consent
If you are exploring some deep areas then you have to make sure that you do not engage in anal sex or sex with the stranger without the consent in threesome dating. Lay down the ground rules and do what people can do in threesome dating.