The Most Exciting Threesome Sex Positions You can Try with Your swinger partner

Asking to try to engage in threesome sex is just like expecting oneself to make a dish without knowing the recipe. Sure you can go very raw and wild on the way to your threesome date but if you have some plans chalked out you can do no harm. You cannot plan the foreplay things such as kissing, oral sex etc but what you can plan is the sex positions. If you already have a clear and chalked out idea about sex positions then you can also use it to your advantage which can even help you have more fun.

The other advantage of knowing about all the sex positions in advance is that you can involve all three partners. This means that everyone can meet their hunger and needs and at the same time it is thrice the pleasure. So you must let go of all your fears and immerse yourself into deep sexual fantasies coming true. One important rule to having a three way love is that you should not feel any pressure about it. If you are willing to do it and loving it, only then you must do it.  There are many combinations that you can try while having sex. So here are the happening and hot sex positions that you should try in swingers lifestyle.

Double Down
The double down position works with one guy and 2 girls. In this the guy likes down while one girl will have sex with him upfront and the other can engage in oral sex with the guy. Both of the girls are facing each other in this type of threesome sex and  they can caress each other and even kiss. One girl is sitting on the face. It can get really hot and fun as in this type of position all the three partners are having a lot of fun.

The Chain Gang
This position can sound a little too simple but it is very good to enjoy a threesome lifestyle on some threesome apps. In this both the girls can also interchange their sides so that the same pleasure is exchanged by them. I this the guy is on his knees and fuckign the girll from behind. Apart from that the third girl is one a chair with her legs wide open. The one girl can give oral pleasure to the girl up front. This works in an amazing way so threesome is exciting.

The 69 Plus One
The 69 plus one sounds like one hell of a confusing option and at the same time it looks like we have to put a lot of hardwork in it too. But this is not the case as it can be simplified for hot threesome. The two girls have to lie in this on each other’s opposite with 69. The guy takes his position on the back with the chick who is above and does the action from. This position also allows pleasure from all centers in threesome.

The Tag Team
The tag team sounds like a wrestlemania thing but it is more about love then it is about a fight. The male partner takes one girl with her leg up and third girl sits on one girl to pleasure her vagina. This is ultimate position and you can always interchange the partner in threesome.